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What is MTS

MTS is a Mechanized Trading System, which makes the sales transaction automatically for a given algorithm. While trading process via MTS psychological component is completely excluded


How long is MTS installation process

The whole process takes 1-2 days, it depends on the broker to open an account with a broker and your assets on the account. The MTS installation and setup is 1 hour


Is it necessary to keep the trading terminal switched on

Not really as all Clients’ terminals are installed on dedicated servers that provide uninterrupted electricity and Internet access


Where are the Company's server

Servers terminals and MTS units are located in Germany


When I give you a username and password of my account what are guarantees that you do not use them to remove my funds

The funds from the account can only be withdrawn by its owner! The funds withdrawal process from a personal account has several protection degrees , as only the account owner has access also there are ending codes via sms or confirmation email.


I heard that Forex can earn much more money than you offer. Can I increase my profitability?

The profitability can be multiplied, but it also increases the risk of all the money lost. It is much more correct to use certain systems of differential profit, when high risk strategy apply to the funds earned using low risk strategies. The high-risk strategies profitability can reach 150% per annum. We successfully use such investment techniques with our Clients.



Fund Si-14 gives no Clients’ earnings reports and is not tax services contracting party. At the Client’s request the Fund can pay Client’s taxes


I received a system notification for MTS installation , several days passed but no deal has opened?

Mechanized Trading System work has been established in such a way that market entry (deal opening) makes in many ways. Some cases the entry can be done in more than one week.


We started work with your Fund exactly a month ago and with at the rate of 50-70% per annum received only 0.7% a month while 70% declared per annum is 5.83% per month

Fund profit is 70% per annum and the interest is not divided into 12 months depending on market volatility. So, sometimes you can get a 1 month profit 10% and sometimes 1%


How does it work?

Our company has been engaged in creation of mechanized trade systems (MTS) since 2009. The company has 9 strategy of assets management, beginning from conservative to the most aggressive. Company innovations are in that the whole trade is carried out on Investor’s registered accounts. Potential Clients often want to get a demo access and to test a trade strategy on their demo accounts. For this purpose the tariff plan exists demo access.



Si14 LLC has long-term experience of operating accounts.

Clients’ Trust: Over 5000 Investors use services of mechanized trade systems today.

The western standards of customer service, individual decisions and long-term successful experience in the international currency market.

All financial means are on Investor’s registered accounts. Mechanized trade systems operate your assets only on your accounts. An Investor has a 100% safety guarantee of his means.

Flexible rent tariff plans of mechanized trade systems allow you to correlate risks and earnings in the optimum way.

The authorized Si14 capital is more than 19.000.000 USD.


What broker to choose?

The Si14 company cooperates with the brokers who are mentioned in the section “Recommended Brokers”. You can also use services of your brokers whose trade terms conform to requirements of our company, namely:

1) 20 top brokers

2) Existence of the trade Metatrader 4 platform

3) The minimum trade volume and step of a lot change is 0.01

4) ECN execution of orders

To open the trade account it is necessary to press the broker’s logo.


How do I earn?

The mechanized trade system which carries out trade according to the chosen tariff plan is installed in the trade terminal which will be on the company server. The trade strategy of mechanized trade systems is based on the mathematical market modeling, arbitration transactions and correlation of financial instruments.

Using a demo account, you will be able to examine performance of the mechanized trade system and received results in detail.


How often it is possible to get a profit?

It is possible to get a profit at once as it is not recapitalized and does not participate in operation. One of the distinctive features of our company is the fact that we give opportunities to our Clients to get a profit immediately. In our strategy we do not use recapitalization that allows our Clients to use profit.


When do I pay the commission to SI14?

You pay the commission on the first day of a month. Si14 experts send you notification of the sum and term of payment.

ATTENTION! Relative drawdown does not influence the level of payments. The turnover includes TOTAL PROFIT (already recorded earned means)


Relative Drawdown

It is drawdown which was formed as a result of open transactions at the moment which are at a loss. In this case the deposit is kept, and the size of means on the account is less than balance. This drawdown is not recorded and it is not displayed on the deposit as the current transactions are in the market.


Deposit Load

It is the size of the used means (collateral margin) in all open transactions taking into account credit leveraging with reference to the whole deposit.


Annual Profitability

Interests are specified for 1 year and they are not equal to division according to 12 months in equal proportions.



It is the process when your earned means get into the deposit operation.


Deposit load

shows your Funds percentageused in open positions support. Load is being calculated as relation Deposit to Funds x 100%.The more is Deposit load the more Funds used in deals and might be more potential profit and at the same time more potential risks

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