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ActivTrades and Si14 Fund Become Partners


  Not so long ago, the Forex industry witnessed another major event. This event may eventually improve the wellbeing of millions of mediocre investors. The thing is that ActivTrade, a major UK broking company, and Si14 Fund, a major investment funds, singed a partnership agreement.




Leaders Come Together

First of all, we should consider the fact that ActivTrade is one of the UK's fastest growing companies according to Investec Hot 100. This is a major achievement. It is not accidental that the company has been one of the best broking companies in the entire international Forex industry ever since its foundation.

By the way, ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 434413) and is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The broker has a lot to offer its clients, apart from excellent trading conditions, including tight spreads, instant execution of orders, access to interbank liquidity, as well as premium-quality services and innovative solutions designed to enhance trader performance.

At the same time, Si14 is the innovator in the field of investing and managing finances. The fund is constantly focused on reducing client risks, simultaneously looking for the best ways and means to boost their profits. Most of them are based on mechanical trading systems showing consistent results that couldn’t stay unnoticed by financial and trading experts, including those working for ActivTrades.

This is why the two financial companies decided to come together to give their clients even more excellent moneymaking opportunities.


Partnership For Client’s Sake

Market Leader interviewed the representatives of the two companies to find out some of the details, including the purposes and the benefits of the forthcoming partnership.

In particular, Si14 values the flexible approach to trading conditions practiced by ActivTrades, including the presence of the 2 most popular trading terminals – MT4 and MT5 and virtually unlimited liquidity, which is especially significant for a major investment funds that operates big sums of money.

ActivTrades is ready to work with all those talented professional managing traders working for Si14 Fund. Without any doubt Si14 chose ActivTrades since this is a major international broking companies licensed by a major financial authority and participating in the compensation fund, which means client funds are ensured by the UK.

Apparently, the tow companies see each other as major strategic partners and hope to unite their efforts in order to consolidate their positions in the Forex industry , both at home and worldwide.

Publication source «Market Leader» - news and previews making you rich. 

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